Welcome to the official  LCI-Studios E-commerce portal! We’re launching two new services  over the next few months. The LCI Studio Store and our stand alone stock art site

xaimages_yellow-01, our new standalone stock images site will be launching on the Shopify platform in the 4th quarter of 2018.

We’ll be licensing original illustrations, animation & photography as well as live action footage for commercial use.

Our pricing & simple licensing will make our content available whether your putting together a school report or designing a layout for a major magazine spread. There will be an affordable price point for everyone.

Unlike our competition, we’re a small boutique shop. We don’t license the same content that seems to circulate through the libraries of all the major players. We create unique content only found on our network of sites so that our customers are guaranteed fresh content for their projects.

So, don’t forget to sign up below. When the site goes live we’ll let you know. Your new account will be ready and waiting for you along with access to our free monthly images gallery!

Available sizes:



We’re licensing our stock images through

Our black and white Halloween collection has become quite popular over the last few years. Just click the button bellow to browse our catalogue of available art.

All images are available for immediate download.

Available sizes:


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