The History Of The Dungeons & Dragons Saturday Morning Cartoon

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When I was a young whipper snapper I was fascinated by anime. The animation style was completely different than what we had here in the states (Disney, Warner Bros, etc). After a while American animation studios started sending their layouts to japan to be animated. One of those shows was Dungeons & Dragons. I remember sitting in front of the TV (way to close) with a sketchpad, trying to capture the shows energy and style. This show along with G.I Joe, Mighty Orbots, along with the various animated fair of the time are some of my earliest art influences. Making my way through Youtube I stumbled upon this little mini-documentary on the making of D&D. Fascinating, as it goes through not just the shows history but the merchandising as well. Being a former toy designer this is right up my alley! Check it out…

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